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Finding balance through compromising

Finding balance through compromising
Final version of the conceptual model explaining the theory of finding balance through compromising, which explains evidence-bsaed practice by course leaders in a small-specialist higher education institution in the UK. DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.18610088.v1 

As I come to the final write-up phase of my research, I continue thinking about how best to explain the theory that emerged from the data I collected. The theory of balancing through compromising contains three core categories ("Feeling undervalued", "Compromising" and "Balancing"), each which need to be explored, teased apart and analysed in great detail. I am confident that the theory itself makes sense and is independent of time, place and people (Glaser, 2002), and it made sense to conference paarticipants not too long ago*, but demonstrating this through critical appraisal with extant literature has been hard work. Not because the theory has no grab, but because it makes so much sense that I am struggling to focus my thoughts on any one specific approach. I think I am there though...

I find myself re-listening to the Grounded Theory episode of the Words Matter podcast (https://www.wordsmatter-education.com/blog/podcast-44) for advice while I am writing up to make sure I am not missing a trick (having only just started my GTM journey 6 years ago I m still amazed by the nuances and complexities of the method[ology]). It is such an interesting episode, and there are lots of things that make sense now more so than when I started my research all those years ago. However, at this late stage of write up I now know the only option for my "explaining it" dilemma was to just start writing... Glaser was right: just do it is not just a Nike slogan!

The few weeks will mostly consist of writing, writing and more writing. There will be mock-vivas, followed by the real deal in two months. I will at times be anti-social, and regularly go dark and offline, as I grapple with the last few hurdles.

It is intimidating, but at the same time exciting.

Bring it on!


Conference presentation here: https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.19615155.v1?ref=lifeofalecturer.com